Therapy is an investment in self-care, and it is a process that takes time.


The fee for services is $150 per 50-minute session.  Group sessions are $60 for 90-minutes. 



Payments may be made via check, cash, credit/debit card or bank account through PayPal.  To use secure PayPal, all you need is an email account.  (You don't need a PayPal account.)



Health Care/Managed Care Insurance Policy

Your confidentiality is important. In order to protect your confidentiality, I do not work with Managed Care Health Insurance programs.


In order for a therapist to be reimbursed by an insurance company a diagnosis of the client must often be submitted to the insurance carrier.  Sometimes information from the client's private therapy records (the presenting problem and its symptoms) is also required by the insurance company.  Once released this information becomes part of the client's medical records and may impact confidentiality.  



"Out-of-network" Insurance Company Reimbursement

Some insurance companies offer "out-of-network" benefits when a service provider is not an "in-network provider".  Clients may want to check their insurance coverage for this type of benefit.


If requested by a client, I will furnish them with a "Super bill" that simply notes the type of service (intake, individual, phone session, etc.) and the fee for the service.  A "Super bill" does not include information about symptoms the client may be experiencing.  Clients can send the Super bill to their insurance company for an "out-of-network" reimbursement.  The insurance company then sends the reimbursement for the "out-of-network" benefit directly to the client.




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