Sexual Addiction Therapy

Turning around an addiction requires a great deal of focused effort.  Hope Source offers hope to men and women struggling with sexual compulsions or addictions through individual therapygroup therapy and consultations.  Kent Ernsting of Hope Source provides a safe place where each unique situation is assessed and addressed in a confidential manner.  Ernsting specializes in assisting addicts in working through the various tasks of recovery and discovering the roots of the addictive process.

Individual Therapy

These confidential sessions are where individuals work together with Kent Ernsting to achieve goals established for each individuals unique circumstances.


Group Session Therapy

A confidential and safe environment for healing to take place. Hundreds of men have participated in these groups and found they can be known and still reduce the shame that surrounds sexual addiction.  They have found the hurt that was causing them pain can lead to healing and recovery.  




Recovery from Infidelity

Through therapy there is hope for your marriage not only surviving, but even thriving.


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