Group therapy is structured to be confidential and safe, a place for healing to take place.  Hundreds of men have participated in these groups and found they can be known and still reduce the shame that surrounds sexual addiction.  They have found the hurt that was causing them pain can lead to healing and recovery.  

Freedom Group

The research of Patrick Carnes, PhD. has found that addicts have a complex set of neural networks in their brains causing them to behave in self-destructive and dysfunctional patterns, even though they at times know better.  Once the behaviors become compulsive and addictive they are biological, and no amount of willpower will work. Decision making has become impaired, and it takes weeks to clear the brain of destructive behavior.  It takes months to gain focus to do the necessary work to make the change permanent.  It takes years for the brain to heal.  


However, there is a clear recipe that helps in the restoration process. 


Following Carnes' evidence-based series of clinical interventions the Freedom Group at Hope Source Counseling will work through the first seven tasks of recovery in a 20-week process led by Kent Ernsting, PCC, CSAT-S, who has been facilitating and leading group therapy for sexual addiction recovery for the last 17 years.  


The Freedom Group can be followed up with the Restoration Group.

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