Recovery from Infidelity

Maintaining a healthy and thriving marriage is challenging even in the best of times and situations.  But after learning the one you love has "cheated," life may look very bleak.  Your marriage and heart are devastated, and you may wonder if your relationship has any hope of surviving.


Through therapy there is hope for your marriage not only surviving, but even thriving.  When a sexual addict and their partner are ultimately committed to recovery and willing to work out the core issues, together they can achieve a new trustreciprocal respectrenewed love and healthy sexuality.


Crisis is difficult to face  But if crisis leads to changes in how you live, it can be the pivot point for you to move forward.  


Strategic Partnership with Dr. Barbara Steffens Assists Partners

Through a strategic partnership with Barbara Steffens, PhD., LPCC, CCSAS a specialist in assisting partners of sexual addicts, Hope Source Counseling can address the needs of both the addict and their partner.  Dr. Steffens is a nationally recognized expert in the treatment of the partner and co-author of Your Sexually Addicted Spouse: How Partners Can Cope and Heal (New Horizon Press, September 2009).  She is also a Certified Clinical Sexual Addiction Specialist (CCSAS).


Both Kent Ernsting, LPCC, CSAT-S and Barbara Steffens, PhD, LPCC, CCSAS have been assisting addicts and their partners for more than thirty years combined.  The added  benefit to you is that both therapists are able to meet with the couple in treatment to assess their needs and develop treatment strategies for the addict, the partner, and their coupleship.  


Services Ernsting and Steffens provide jointly include individual outpatient therapy, group therapy, seminars, consulting, and intensive outpatient treatment. 

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